Creating opportunities in tech

Joaquin Lippincott
2 min readJun 10, 2021

Summer is almost upon us and with it the season of summer internships. But with the shadow of the pandemic still retreating and the vast amounts of work happening from home, will the summer internship survive?

Entry-level jobs in tech

For those who know me, I am passionate about entry-level job creation, specifically in tech. Even before the pandemic, I’ve been a strong advocate for orienting away from preconceived notions about who is a good fit for tech. Instead, I advocate we work to create as many jobs as possible in the sector. Here’s a link to a video of me talking about the current challenge in our industry.

The downstream effects

Over the years, Metal Toad has been fortunate enough to have been able to create employment opportunities — and more critical — a career ramp for over twenty people, who have gone on to make careers in the tech industry. These people came in motivated, ready to learn, and left with a critical piece — their first industry job — under their belt.

Technology interns helped by the Oregon Non-Profit,

Not all of us are in a place to create new career paths for those new to our industry, but if you are, I encourage you to advocate for those positions, even in the face of a new work dynamic.

This post is a short one, but in a world that has forced all of us to focus on and reflect on ourselves and those closest to us, I hope we can look forward and help lay down a pathway for the workforce of the future.



Joaquin Lippincott

CEO/President of @metaltoad. Passionate about creating job opportunities in the tech industry.